May 22, 2022


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Why Can’t We Vote Online Yet?

And I think so two pieces. One concept is just the idea of monitoring from every angle, every software component, every piece, every line of code. However you want to think about it, there would need to be a mechanism to monitor for abnormal behavior, right? So that would be one way that you might be able to detect that something’s going wrong. And then I think the other concept that holds a lot of promise is there’s a lot of new types of encryption and sort of fields of study within encryption to be able to do mathematical calculations, such as adding, such as tabulating on data that never gets decrypted. So it’s like it’s locked in this thing that you can’t read, but you can still add two pieces together and get a new total that maybe you also don’t even know the total until the end or something.

So that would be a way to know that everyone’s vote was private, that nobody ever knew the whole time, who voted for what. But that you can still work on the data and get a result because that’s always the issue you need to bridge. Just like, well, if it’s secret, how do I count it? But yeah, there is not really an easy answer to what’s the promising thing.

MC: When a voting app is available and I go to the App Store and download it, does Apple get 30 percent of my vote?

LN: It sounds like they would want it from what I’ve heard. But you do bring up another good point that another reason this is so difficult is that we would all be doing it on our own devices. And even if the sort of backend system in the cloud or managed by your election officials, even if all of that was ultra secure, another major hurdle is, what happens if there’s malware on your device? That’s really the reason that going to a polling place is superior in this security model than everybody just doing whatever or mailing your ballot to the centralized counting, things like that. That’s the reason we have the model we have right now is that if we all are just depending on our own devices, it’s an additional layer of defense because it’s like you need to defend the system in general and you also need to defend everybody’s personal devices.

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LG: All right. 2020 paper ballots it is.

LN: Yeah, it’s daunting. But I want to point out, you guys, we already have like the coolest, most enduring amazing technology, which is paper. This is my pitch. I get a cut from the paper lobby. No. But I just, I really want to emphasize it’s not old and outmoded. It’s totally amazing that this can work on the scale of the US voting pool. It’s awesome. So it’s not all bad, you guys.

LG: And don’t forget to vote. Just vote.

LN: Yeah. Just vote.

LG: No matter what you do. No matter how you do it, just vote. All right. Let’s take another quick break. And then we’re going to come back with recommendations.


LG: Lily, I’m going to go to you first. What’s your recommendation?

LN: So there are other things in my life besides encouraging you to vote, but that’s the main thing we’re doing in this podcast. So my recommendation is also about how to get information on voting. If you need more assistance than what the guide can offer, there are a lot of sites that are offering sort of state by state breakdowns of how to register, how to get your ballot by mail, or how to vote in person, all those things. There’s The secretaries of state have a guide out. But the one I like the best is the US Election Assistance Commission state-by-state guide. It breaks down everything. It has sort of the full gamut I think of things you might want to know, and it’s just a drop down menu where you put in your state, and it’ll spit out all the different relevant links. So that’s my recommendation. And of course, once again, additional recommendation to just vote in any way.